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10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Veterinarian


Most kids ave dreams of becoming a veterinarian one they grow up. The thought of lab coats, dogs, hamsters and lab coats are more than enough appeal they need. It does help that there are movies showing the fun side of being a veterinarian. Considering just how gruelling the educational path to becoming a veterinarian and the extremely tough workday they face; this career still ranks as one of the most in-demand jobs. There are numerous perks to it, but before you decide to try your hand out at being a veterinarian by going to school, there are some things you have to know. The aim of this article is to highlight the 10 things you have to consider before you become a veterinarian.

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Veterinarian

School takes a long time: 8 years and you‘re still not done

Having a bachelor’s degree in this industry is just the tip of the iceberg. The bachelor’s degree most prospective veterinarians have is quite complicated, given that students have to pass numerous science, math, business, and biology course if they desire to step ahead of the pack in vet school. If you want to become a veterinarian, you will have to take the GRE or even the Biology GRE. The road to becoming a veterinarian narrows significantly given the fact that there are just thirty colleges of veterinary medicine. Those 30 colleges can only accept a palpable 4,000 students. If you are lucky enough to get in, you don’t get the chance to celebrate, as you have to prep yourself for an extremely difficult course load. To get a leg up into the school, you have to be a preferred applicant. A preferred applicant is someone that has industry experience. It sounds strange, but you have to get experience first before you can be qualified to learn about this career. You could spend time working in a veterinary clinic or choose to volunteer in a shelter in Biloxi, as this can cause you to be a tougher candidate. The moment you get in, you will have to select one of the forty specialities of veterinary medicine. You might believe once you do this, you are done with the tests, but you will be required to pass the NAVLE or North American Veterinary Examination once you graduate before you are able to apply for jobs.

The job market is competitive

If there is one positive, you can be happy to know that there is a large demand for veterinarians. There is supposed to be an 18% rise in job growth all the way to 2026, which means you are likely to get 2 job offers once you graduate. This, however, does not mean you will get to pick and choose what offers you get. If you are interested in basic animal care, you might have to move to Biloxi or work in public practice.

You deal with the human owner and animal alike

You should know that to work as a vet in Biloxi you will have to have a special combination of communication and people skills to be successful. Owners are concerned about the health of their pet and that can make them somewhat difficult to interact with. This is why it is important to react in a manner that is calming. It can be difficult to convince owners that they have to do right by their pets.

It is a very unpredictable career

You should remember that patients are bound to come in all shapes and sizes. If there is one thing Biloxi vets know, it is that no two days are the same. You could be trading a dog one day and a snake the next. A gerbil could come in needing a splint to fix a fracture.

The job can be quite dangerous

The typical day of a vet is more than wagging tails and furry happy creatures. You should be ready to get nicks, bites and scratches from the animals you are trying to treat. If you get a bite to your hand it could mean that your surgical career is over. You have to deal with the dangers that come with horses, monkeys, snakes and cows. If you choose to work with horses you can also get your own portion of workplace accidents and injuries. However, dogs and cats are the animals that bite the most. Experienced vets are quick to label chihuahuas as the major culprits when it comes to biting. If you are not one that can handle a couple of scrapes here and there, being a vet might not be the right role for you.

Your time is never truly your own

As with other facets of the medical industry, injuries and you should be flexible as long hours are a part of the vet’s life. It might even appear like you are always on call.

Not every day is a good day

There are times you will get patients that just aren’t doing well and there is nothing you can do for them. When you have a terrible day like this, you can look to the positive days as a reminder.

You can laugh to the bank

The compensation can be great if you are able to stick it out after a year of long hours and really demanding shifts. This is true for any medical career. This is a great thing considering the amount of money it takes to pay for your education is not something that comes cheap.

Nothing like the personal rewards anywhere

If you love helping animals then this is the right job for you. You get to be surrounded by all types of animals helping to make them feel better. There is a lot of satisfaction to be had when you do your part to heal an animal and they are able to go back home and live their normal happy life.

Brings out your passion

If you are the type that is passionate about anything they do, then this might be the job for you. Most people become vets because it is something, they have dreamt of doing for a very long time.

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Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. Evidence of this is all over the place as dogs are man’s most common pet in most places over the world. Biloxians are not left out in this common trend. It is not unusual for families in Biloxi to own a pet. Even singles that live alone are in the habit of taking a live in dog to make their space less boring.

If you own a dog in Biloxi, you might want to pay adequate attention to the services of veterinary doctors as you will need them a lot to keep your dog healthy. Essentially veterinary doctors are medical professionals who take care of dogs and other pets. While it is possible that you are aware of what a veterinary doctor does, you need to understand the important role they play in caring for your dog;


1. They help in determining the right breed of dog for you

This is one area people don’t explore in the field of veterinary consultancy. While you might not take the advice given by a vet doctor hook, line and sinker, it is still important that you consult a vet doctor before getting a dog as a pet, it doesn’t make sense to get a dog just because you like its color, build, or other trivial qualities.

When you consult a vet doctor before getting a dog as a pet, you will be opened to more important factors such as your family size and how it affects the dog, the health reputation of the dog breed, its level of aggressiveness and a host of other important factors. The importance of pre-acquisition consultancy in procuring a dog is that it saves you a lot of stress that could have come up from making a choice of dog without being informed of the pros and cons associated with it.


2. Getting your dogs vaccinated right from birth

If you want a healthy dog, it is crucial that you get it vaccinated from major diseases which dogs are prone to. This vaccination is best done when your dog is still at the puppy stage. One vital vaccination that is essential to the health of dogs is anti-rabies vaccination.

A rabid dog is not good for you even as a pet owner. Rabid dogs can bring about severe medical issues if it ever bites an individual. Veterinarians are responsible for vaccinating dogs and keeping them free from rabies and other common dog diseases right from infancy.

3. Examine dogs and diagnose health problems

Granted, you could have your dog thoroughly vaccinated at birth but still experience a tough time with their health. A vaccination is just to get your dog to be immune to a few common diseases, not every disease. Therefore if your dog ever gets ill, you will have to take it up to the vet doctor to get it examined. Veterinary doctors spend years studying a wide variety of diseases common to animals, dogs inclusive. Therefore, they are in the best position to examine your dog if you ever notice that it is falling ill.

4. Administer treatments to ailing dogs after diagnosis

The most important step to take when you find out that your dog is feeling ill is getting it to a veterinary clinic to be examined by a veterinarian. After diagnosis, the vet doctor is in the best position to administer the finest treatment to the dog’s condition.

You should be careful not to perform any form of self-medication on your dog. There have been cases of dog owners in Biloxi who administered medical treatment on their ailing dog only for its condition to get worse. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the death of some of them. Although you won’t be tried for murder if your dog dies from this process, you definitely do not want to live with the guilt that comes with unfortunate results as such.

5. Treat and dress wounds for wounded dogs

While it is not expected that your dog gets wounded, it happens. Dogs like the German shepherd that has a reputation to be hyperactive might sustain injuries while trying to exhibit their natural traits. The veterinarian is in the best position to attend to your dog if this happens. In serious cases when it involves bone fractures, they are well trained to take x-rays of your dog’s body parts and assess the level of injury or damage was done.

Hence, when your dog gets involved in a fatal accident, perhaps it got hit by a vehicle across the street, make sure you take it straight down to a veterinarian.

6. Advice dog owners on general care, medical condition

If you have been a dog owner for a while, you will understand that dog care goes beyond feeding it daily. Important aspects of dog care such as its diet, where it is housed, it’s grooming, and many more are also important.

If you want to guarantee the health of your dog, you shouldn’t be far off from your vet doctor. Just a brief discussion with him on these key factors once in a while will give you concrete ideas on how best you can take care of your dog.


Your dog deserves to be healthy. You can ensure the health of your dog by taking personal interest in maintaining its health to the best of your ability. One key aspect of doing this is by buying into the services of veterinary doctors.

If you want a good veterinarian in Biloxi, you don’t have to stress much before you can get one as they are quite available. Make use of search engines to contact those who have an online presence and get started on the path to boosting the health of your dog.

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Diseases you need to be aware of to keep your pets safe in Biloxi


Pets are quite amazing. The spice they bring to the life of their owners and that of their immediate family cannot be found anywhere else. Sometimes, these little cuties fall sick and in some cases, they die. How sad! If you own a pet in Biloxi, Mississippi, you can prevent yourself from experiencing this ugly narrative. One way to do this is by taking practical steps to make sure your pets are safe.

For one thing, most pet owners desire a healthy pet, but they are not really informed about diseases common to pets in Biloxi and measures they can take to prevent it. To this end, they just do all they can as far as their knowledge box can take them. That doesn’t have to be the case with you. You can go a little bit further by getting familiar with pet diseases and how to brace up your pets against them.

Essentially, a larger number of pet’s diseases are hosted in the body of raccoons than other animals that are not widely accepted as pets. That is why this discussion will tend towards raccoons.

Diseases you need to be aware of to keep your pets safe in Biloxi

Raccoon roundworm

Also known as Baylisascaris, raccoon roundworm is an intestinal roundworm that can get your pet to become ill. It is even so serious that you also stand a chance of being infected. The activities of raccoons encourage the survival of this parasite. Wherever they are present, raccoons establish some sort of public latrines where they go and drop their feces. This area where they do their business becomes a breeding ground for the parasite in little or no time. All that is needed is the feces of an  already infected Raccoon.

After 2 to 4 weeks, the eggs become infectious. If your pet is the type that is loves to stray about, it just might walk right into a roundworm breeding ground, thereby getting infected in the process. If it happens that a roundworm infested egg is subconsciously swallowed by an individual, it will definitely find its way into vital organs and cause a serious illness. To prevent this, early treatment upon detection is vital.


A bacteria known as Leptospira bacteria is responsible for this disease. Usually, it is housed in the urine of rats and raccoons. Just like Raccoon roundworms, this illness can occur in both humans and animals.It is even more deadly as it can be contracted by mere skin contact with the urine of an infected pet.Hence, you and your pets stand a risk of being infected if you have rats in your house.

Of all the common pets in Biloxi, dogs stand a greater risk of being infected as a result of their licking groundwater that is already contaminated. It is quite serious when dogs get infected with this disease as they might start to show withdrawal symptoms and stop feeding properly. If adequate care is not given to your dog, or other pet which might be carrying the disease might die.

To prevent the likelihood of things getting so ugly, it is advised that you deworm your pet on a regular basis as instructed by a competent vet doctor.


This is one other disease that is common to dogs. However, a dog can only be rabid if it has not been adequately cared for from its puppy days. Dogs are to be vaccinated against rabies right from infancy. Rabies can be extremely dangerous to dog owners and neighbors. If a rabid dog bites someone, it can lead to death if swift measures are not taken in a short period of time.

In the United States, raccoons are the most reported animal species to have rabies. Therefore, a raccoon is always suspected to be rabid. Hence, avoid getting your pets close to them so they don’t stand a chance of being infected via a bite perhaps a territorial fight should break out between them. Rabies vaccines are available across health facilities in Biloxi, Mississippi. You can always rush down to any in case of an emergency.

Preventing raccoon related pet diseases

The cost of treating pet diseases that stem from raccoons can be very exorbitant most times. It is even more serious in cases of neurological diseases such as rabies as treated options are quite limited. Therefore, your best bet to owning a safe pet is by taking conscious efforts to prevent them from getting these diseases.

The most important of measure to take is to prevent your pet from going close to their latrine if it exists somewhere in the neighborhood. It doesn’t make sense to start looking for where exactly their latrine is located. But then, you can make sure you are familiar with the activities of your pet and ensure you don’t leave it to roam aimlessly all the time.

Instead, you can take it for a walk on a daily basis and then jog with it on weekends. This should just be enough exercise for a dog. If your pet is a cat, it doesn’t need much exercise. However, the point is that you prevent your pet from raccoon latrines.

Again, you do well to censor which pet you allow your pet to socialize with. Pets that roam aimlessly might have been infected and they stand a chance of infecting your pet in the process of socializing.That way, you will be preventing it from being infected by uncultured pets.

Essentially, a vet doctor is the key to helping you guard against pet diseases. If your pet ever gets infected, they are your best bet to help them get well. Hence, you shouldn’t stay too far away from them. Instead, make them your go-to person for advice on how to get your pets to stay healthy and disease-free.


Pets are quite awesome and cute when they are well cared for. To get your pet to be disease-free, you have to dedicate time and other resources to their care, be familiar with popular pet diseases and know how to prevent and cure them. Also, do not forget to make the vet doctor your friend and get advice from time to time.