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Ask any dog lover in Biloxi what is one of their biggest concerns for their dog. You can be sure that the possibility of it becoming rabid will always find its place amongst the top three. This is not because cases of rabies infection are common in the United States. Instead, it is because the effect of a rabies infection is very disastrous.

This trend is not exclusive to Biloxi alone. All over the world, dog owners want to make sure as much as possible that their dog is free from rabies. Definitely, everyone wants to be safe while they take care of their pets. How much you know about rabies can go a long way in keeping your dog free from rabies and also protect you from the consequences of being attacked by a rabid dog.

Basically, rabies is a virus which spreads mainly via the bite or scratch of an animal. Just in case you are wondering how dangerous it is, it is so bad that it must have done a lot of harm before the individual starts showing symptoms. In essence, an individual who gets bitten by a dog or cat with a high possibility of rabies should get treatment almost immediately.

As a country, the United States has succeeded in bringing occurrences of rabies affection to an intense low. Out of a population of over 300 million people, just about three people get rabies every year. Most of these few cases are cases of individuals who are returning to the country. Three things have made these strides possible. They are; advanced medical research and technology, awareness, and vaccination programs.

This seems like a lot of good news, so why are we still talking about rabies in Biloxi? This is because rabies is still a big problem on a global scale. Every year, tens of thousands of deaths are recorded due to rabies in rural areas of Southeast Asia and Africa. A trip to any of these places opens Biloxi citizens and Americans at large to the virus. Therefore, it’s not out of place to be informed in this regard. Although, other animals such as cats and Over 95 percent of infections are caused by dogs.

Basic facts about rabies
  • Rabies is a viral disease that is hosted by animals.
  • There is a very high chance of rabies being transmitted to an individual been bitten by an infected animal.
  • Keeping up with vaccination requirements for pets helps prevent and control rabies
  • For treatment to be effective, it must be administered before symptoms appear.
  • Symptoms include neurological disorders, fear of light, and water. 
  • Without swift treatment, it usually turns out fatal
How rabies affects the body system

When not treated as soon as possible, the rabies virus usually stages a calculated invasion into the body system. Upon entering the body system, it makes its way to the peripheral nervous system (PNS), straight to the brain. On getting there, it replicates within muscle tissue and secures a safe position away from the host’s immune system. From here, it enters the nervous system through the neuromuscular junctions. Once it gets established in the nervous system, the virus produces acute infection of the brain. This then leads to the coma and death of the host.

Transmission among animals

One reason why the outside world has a significant number of rabies cases is the presence of stray dogs in large numbers. Asia and Africa are guilty of this. In the course of socialization among their peers, these animals spread the virus. That way, hosting animals get to multiply. Another factor most responsible for this is the low rate of vaccination (unlike what is obtainable here in the United States). The transmission can also happen via open wounds and mucus membranes such as the eyes or mouth. As long as the outer skin is not broken, an infection cannot take place.

Here in the United States, the chances of transmission are high among animals that do not fall in the class of pets. These include raccoons, coyotes, bats, skunks, and foxes. This is logical when you remember that it is almost impossible to get them all vaccinated since they mostly live in the wild.

Rabies manifests in the following stages;
  • Incubation
  • Prodrome
  • Acute neurologic period
  • Coma and death
Incubation period

This is the period between the time the virus finds its way into the system, and when symptoms start to appear. Usually, this happens between 3 and 12 weeks. Symptoms appear faster when the entry point is closer to the brain.


This is more or less the start of the symptomatic stage. At this point, an infected individual may start struggling with very high fever (with body temperature up to 38 degrees Celsius or above), headache, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, discomfort at the site of the bite, sore throat and a cough, etc. this can take place for about ten days and even get worse as time goes by.

Acute neurologic period

At this point, the patient faces a whole new level of discomfort. This usually comes in the form of confusion and aggression, involuntary muscle twitching, convulsions, partial paralysis, and rigid neck muscles, hyperventilation and difficulty breathing, excess production of saliva, and possibly frothing at the mouth, permanent erection (in the case of males) hallucinations, etc. As this stage approaches its end, the patient will begin to experience difficulty in breathing.

Coma and death

Unfortunately, this is the ending point for most victims of rabies, a state of unconsciousness that results in death in just a few hours. Unless they are placed on a ventilator, patients are not likely to survive. That is why you should take chances if you ever get bitten by an animal that hosts rabies, or perhaps, the animal licks your open wound. Instead, get treated immediately.


You don’t want to be at the receiving end of a rabies infection. Therefore, stay away from raccoons and other wild animals that host the virus. Most importantly, do not forget to get your pets (especially dogs) vaccinated. There are a handful of vet doctors in Biloxi who can help guide you through all necessary vaccinations. Do this today and feel safe around your pets henceforth.

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How does it feel like to have a little animal-friend who makes you happy in a unique way that is not totally explainable? Most people find the thoughts of owning a pet exciting. 

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work in Biloxi to an excited dog or cat that warms up to you with the comfort and support you’ve craved. It is clear to see that pets are a perfect plug for happy living. When your mood is terrible, they make you feel better. And even in your best moments, they spice up your happiness. 

Beyond being that hairy and cute companion, pets offer a wide range of other benefits to provide their owners. Most of these benefits range from security to improved emotional and physical health. Let’s take a look at some of these.

  • Pets serve as a significant source of Relieves from Stress

It has been established both from findings and personal experience that pets (especially dogs) have a way of relieving people of stress. In 2012, for example, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in the course of a research work examined stress levels of employees who took their dogs with them to work and compared it with that of employees who left their dogs at home and employees who didn’t even own a pet.

The result proved to be an eye-opener to the effect of pets on their owner’s stress levels. It was discovered that the dog owner who took their dog to work with them felt a very minimal quantity of stress when compared to that of those who left theirs at home.

The third category, who owned no dog at all, reported an increase in stress level, the highest stress level of all three categories. That is not all. Employees who owned dogs that accompanied them discovered that they record an increase In stress level whenever they decide to keep their dogs at home.

  • Owning a pet encourages physical and outdoor activities.

The energy of pets can be contagious. You get to see how your dog jumps joyfully at you while indoors, and you can’t help but think about going for a free cruise. It could be a running spree, throwing a Frisbee, or simply taking a walk. You think of the comments of people concerning how cute your pet is and how you feel good about yourself. This is the typical everyday experience for many pet owners (especially dogs) in Biloxi.

There are studies to back this up. A good example is a report given by the American Heart Association, sometimes back in 2013. They put it out that dogs help their owners stay active after undergoing a study that found that dog owners are likely to be 54 percent more able to attain the recommended level of exercise than others who don’t own a dog.

Healthwise, the combination of physical activities with outdoor presence is a big plus to humans in general. Exposure to nature has a way of boosting the immune system. At the same time, physical movement is good for the body.

The combination of these two can raise vitamin D levels in the body. This is an essential vitamin capable of combating depression and facilitating a healthy immune system. However, you must practice social distancing measures and maintain proper hygiene because of the COVID 19 pandemic, which is still very much around.

  • Owning a pet gives a massive boost to heart health

The American Heart Association says that owning a dog increases the chances of a healthy cardiovascular system. We find this is a logical fact hen we pay attention to the fact that

The outdoor activities of owners with their pets are capable of contributing to this. Little wonder why owning dogs and some other pets may also be linked to a lower risk of obesity, lower blood pressure, less stress, and lower cholesterol levels, all of which contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system. Just take a look around Biloxi, and you will find this to be true.

It is even more intriguing to note that mere interaction with a dog can benefit the heart. Sometimes in 2007, a study was carried out of UCLA by a group of researchers whereby therapy dogs were provided to patients battling with heart failure. The result was encouraging; in less than 15 minutes, there were a lot of positive changes, some of which included improved cardiopulmonary pressures, healthier neurohormone levels, and less anxiety.

  • It helps in fighting pet aversions.

Pet allergy can be nightmares for several individuals while growing. However, it is interesting to note that pets can serve as a preventive measure against pet allergies (on the condition that they are introduced at the formation years). Researchers have seen reasons to suspect a connection between growing up as a kid with pets and a healthy immune system.

In 2011, a study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy maintained that children who grow up with a cat or dog in the home are less likely to be allergic to them later in life. A more in-depth look into the report showed that as they approach teenage years, individuals who grew up in cat-free homes are two times more likely to develop an allergy to cats than those who grew up in homes that have cats as pets. Early exposure definitely plays a massive role in reducing allergy risk.

  • Keeping a pet enhances Social Interaction.

Social interaction might be underrated until you see how individuals who suffer from a lack of it are affected negatively.

Several times, many people experience great difficulty in creating and maintaining relationships. However, pets could go a long way in helping them make new connections and building social support. Mere walking a dog down the streets in a typical relaxed Biloxi environment is capable of earning dog owners’ new friends and acquaintances.


Pets can do you a great deal of good. Healthwise, emotionally, physically, and psychologically, you will benefit from deciding to own a pet. You can visit a vet and consult a vet doctor in a bid to determine what pet is right for you.