Diseases you need to be aware of to keep your pets safe in Biloxi



Pets are quite amazing. The spice they bring to the life of their owners and that of their immediate family cannot be found anywhere else. Sometimes, these little cuties fall sick and in some cases, they die. How sad! If you own a pet in Biloxi, Mississippi, you can prevent yourself from experiencing this ugly narrative. One way to do this is by taking practical steps to make sure your pets are safe.

For one thing, most pet owners desire a healthy pet, but they are not really informed about diseases common to pets in Biloxi and measures they can take to prevent it. To this end, they just do all they can as far as their knowledge box can take them. That doesn’t have to be the case with you. You can go a little bit further by getting familiar with pet diseases and how to brace up your pets against them.

Essentially, a larger number of pet’s diseases are hosted in the body of raccoons than other animals that are not widely accepted as pets. That is why this discussion will tend towards raccoons.

Diseases you need to be aware of to keep your pets safe in Biloxi

Raccoon roundworm

Also known as Baylisascaris, raccoon roundworm is an intestinal roundworm that can get your pet to become ill. It is even so serious that you also stand a chance of being infected. The activities of raccoons encourage the survival of this parasite. Wherever they are present, raccoons establish some sort of public latrines where they go and drop their feces. This area where they do their business becomes a breeding ground for the parasite in little or no time. All that is needed is the feces of an  already infected Raccoon.

After 2 to 4 weeks, the eggs become infectious. If your pet is the type that is loves to stray about, it just might walk right into a roundworm breeding ground, thereby getting infected in the process. If it happens that a roundworm infested egg is subconsciously swallowed by an individual, it will definitely find its way into vital organs and cause a serious illness. To prevent this, early treatment upon detection is vital.


A bacteria known as Leptospira bacteria is responsible for this disease. Usually, it is housed in the urine of rats and raccoons. Just like Raccoon roundworms, this illness can occur in both humans and animals.It is even more deadly as it can be contracted by mere skin contact with the urine of an infected pet.Hence, you and your pets stand a risk of being infected if you have rats in your house.

Of all the common pets in Biloxi, dogs stand a greater risk of being infected as a result of their licking groundwater that is already contaminated. It is quite serious when dogs get infected with this disease as they might start to show withdrawal symptoms and stop feeding properly. If adequate care is not given to your dog, or other pet which might be carrying the disease might die.

To prevent the likelihood of things getting so ugly, it is advised that you deworm your pet on a regular basis as instructed by a competent vet doctor.


This is one other disease that is common to dogs. However, a dog can only be rabid if it has not been adequately cared for from its puppy days. Dogs are to be vaccinated against rabies right from infancy. Rabies can be extremely dangerous to dog owners and neighbors. If a rabid dog bites someone, it can lead to death if swift measures are not taken in a short period of time.

In the United States, raccoons are the most reported animal species to have rabies. Therefore, a raccoon is always suspected to be rabid. Hence, avoid getting your pets close to them so they don’t stand a chance of being infected via a bite perhaps a territorial fight should break out between them. Rabies vaccines are available across health facilities in Biloxi, Mississippi. You can always rush down to any in case of an emergency.

Preventing raccoon related pet diseases

The cost of treating pet diseases that stem from raccoons can be very exorbitant most times. It is even more serious in cases of neurological diseases such as rabies as treated options are quite limited. Therefore, your best bet to owning a safe pet is by taking conscious efforts to prevent them from getting these diseases.

The most important of measure to take is to prevent your pet from going close to their latrine if it exists somewhere in the neighborhood. It doesn’t make sense to start looking for where exactly their latrine is located. But then, you can make sure you are familiar with the activities of your pet and ensure you don’t leave it to roam aimlessly all the time.

Instead, you can take it for a walk on a daily basis and then jog with it on weekends. This should just be enough exercise for a dog. If your pet is a cat, it doesn’t need much exercise. However, the point is that you prevent your pet from raccoon latrines.

Again, you do well to censor which pet you allow your pet to socialize with. Pets that roam aimlessly might have been infected and they stand a chance of infecting your pet in the process of socializing.That way, you will be preventing it from being infected by uncultured pets.

Essentially, a vet doctor is the key to helping you guard against pet diseases. If your pet ever gets infected, they are your best bet to help them get well. Hence, you shouldn’t stay too far away from them. Instead, make them your go-to person for advice on how to get your pets to stay healthy and disease-free.


Pets are quite awesome and cute when they are well cared for. To get your pet to be disease-free, you have to dedicate time and other resources to their care, be familiar with popular pet diseases and know how to prevent and cure them. Also, do not forget to make the vet doctor your friend and get advice from time to time.

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